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A Night at the Old Jail

A Night at the Old Jail

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A Night at the Old Jail ~ Hunt for Ghosts

Join the professional group, The Paranormal Seekers, and journey to one of St Augustine's most haunted sites, The Old Jail.

On A Night at the Old Jail, Hunt for Ghosts, you will learn:

bullet The horrific history of the Old Jail
bullet Information on the ghostly realm from indisputable evidence
bullet The types of paranormal activity that occur in its various areas
bullet The names of some of the ghosts identified
bullet About the equipment they use to capture paranormal phenomena

Hunt the Ghosts of the Condemned at the authentic Old Jail of St. Augustine!

Built in 1891, this St. Augustine landmark was once home to the County's most vicious and violent criminals, the worst of whom were hanged at the gallows on the property. Now a Museum, guests can come and learn of its past, its infamous residents, and its famous Sheriff Joe Perry, all during the comfort of daylight hours.

But in the quiet of night when disembodied cries, moans, and menacing words can be more clearly heard, and when shadowy figures and full bodied apparitions can be seen scurrying about, the most daring of guests can join the Paranormal Seekers on their weekend Ghost Hunts.

The Paranormal Seekers are an investigative group dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena, and have had a number of their most frightening investigations broadcast on television. Their methodology is purely scientific and based upon the capture of indisputable evidence, so that all may further understand the ghostly realm.

Guests are advised to bring their cameras and camcorders. Other paranormal related equipment will be provided.

You will then enter into the Jail, with all the equipment and information needed to experience for yourself what it takes to be a paranormal investigator in one of the most active sites ever documented. Please note that all tours occur at night and some areas and paranormal activity can be very intense and would advise that children under 12 not be brought on the tour.

The Old Jail is believed to have enough activity so that everyone can have a fright-filled night while hunting ghosts with these trained professionals. The tours do not guarantee that every participant will have a supernatural encounter during the course of the tour. The goal is to hopefully teach you a little about ghost hunting, the history of the Old Jail, and try to draw out the supernatural in places known for activity.

If you dare...Make your reservations today, get your eTickets and join the Paranormal Seekers. Come and meet the ghosts of the Old Jail; but do remember that sometimes while hunting the haunted you may find that they may be hunting you.


The Old Jail
The Old Jail

Learn the Horrific History
Learn the Horrific History

Criminals Hanged at the Gallows
Criminals Hanged at the Gallows

One of the Most Active Sites ever Documented
One of the Most Active Sites ever Documented

Indisputable Evidence
Indisputable Evidence

The Paranormal Seekers
The Paranormal Seekers

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