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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

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Hemingway Home & Museum

Throughout the years, Key West has been home to many writers and artists, but none of their presence and influence left it's mark like Ernest Hemingway's. Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote here for more than ten years. Tour his beautiful home and lush grounds which have become one of Key West's key attractions.

Highlights of the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum:

bullet See where he did some of his best work, including the final draft to "A Farewell to Arms"
bullet Enjoy the whimsy of 50 six and seven-toed cats
bullet See the most famous cat drinking fountain in the world
bullet See the pool Pauline designed in 1937 that cost $20,000 and uses salt water

One of the main attractions in Key West is the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. This is where he lived and worked for over ten years.

The house stands at an elevation of 16 feet above sea level, and is still the second-highest site on the island. It was originally built by Asa Tift, a marine architect and salvage wrecker, in 1851 in colonial southern mansion style, out of limestone quarried from the site. As testament to its construction and location, it survived many hurricanes, and the deep basement remained, and remains, dry. It also boosts the first pool built in Key West (in the 1930's at a cost of $20,000) and is filled from a saltwater well in the old smokehouse.

Hemingway's personal touches are still throughout the house to this day. Many of the unique furnishings are European antiques collected during his life in Europe. The trophy mounts and skins were souvenirs of Hemingway's African safaris and hunting expeditions out west. The author's presence can still be felt in his studio where he wrote some of his most well known works.

The building where Hemingway had his studio was originally a carriage house; he put his studio on the second floor. The studio remains as Hemingway used it -- his Royal typewriter and Cuban cigar-maker's chair, the things he collected and loved all are still in place today. it has been preserved as if he's expected back there from a trip any day now. It was in this studio that he worked on Death in the Afternoon, Green Hills of Africa, To Have And Have Not, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and many of his most-famous short stories, such as "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" and "The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber."

Numerous books were based on the people and places he encountered while living in this house. Hemingway's Key West was a town unlike any place he ever experienced. It was filled with interesting people from the rich, to the down-on-their-luck fishermen and wreckers. In his novel "To Have and Have Not" which is about Key West during the depression, Hemingway used most of these people as characters. It was the local hardware store owner that introduced big game sport fishing to Hemingway, which quickly became his passion and another reason he loved Key West. It was also during this time that Hemingway became known as "Papa".

Wander through the lush grounds of this landmark and tourist attraction and enjoy the whimsy of the more than fifty six and seven-toed cats, that guides claim, are descendants of Hemingway's cats. See the most famous cat drinking fountain in the world, Hemingway himself had it built for his beloved cats.

Tour this most interesting Key West Attraction. Get your eTicket today for the The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. It is a significant address on any Key West itinerary. The museum welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world each year and looks forward to welcoming you!


At Home in Key West
At Home in Key West

Hemingway's writing studio
Hemingway's Writing Studio

A regular day for a Hemingway Polydactylcat
A regular day for a Hemingway Polydactylcat

Hemingway's Gardens
Hemingway's Gardens

Hemingway Cat Alley
Hemingway Cat Alley

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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

Operating Times:

Daily. 9am to 5:00pm - 365 days a year.

Booth Location:

907 Whitehead Street, Key West, Fl, 33040

Nearest Intersection:

Whitehead Street and Olivia Street

Age Requirements:

Children 5 yrs. and younger are free.


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Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum Booth Location
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