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Gatorland - Orlando, FL

Gatorland is a one-of-a-kind, protected habitat for man and beast where adventures lurk around every corner! Internationally known as the Alligator Capital of the World, Gatorland's 110-acre theme park and nature conservatory is located in Central Florida at the head of the Florida Everglades.

Gatorland offers:

bullet Affordably priced family-fun
bullet Thousands of alligators and crocodiles
bullet A breeding marsh with boardwalk and observation tower
bullet One-of-a-kind reptilian shows
bullet Aviary
bullet Petting Zoo
bullet Swamp Walk
bullet Educational Programs
bullet New Screamin' Gator Zip Line

Once you have experienced Gatorland, it will be hard to believe that it began in 1949 as a roadside attraction. For over half a century, Gatorland has been creating vacation memories for millions of visitors, and provides a unique and natural alternative to the larger theme parks of today.

Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve, combining "Old Florida" charm with exciting, new exhibits and entertainment. Known internationally as the "Alligator Capital of the World", Gatorland offers a natural, low-tech adventure through it's many shows and exhibits.

You never know what kind of animal you might be introduced to next at the Upclose Encounters Show! You'll get to meet fascinating creatures from around the globe as well as Florida's native wildlife - including some of the most dangerous snakes alive.

The newest addition to the park is the Screaming' Gator Zip Line.  This one of a kind ride takes you on a breathtaking journey along 1,200 feet of high flying adventure from platforms  high above the park.  At heights up to 70 feet, and speeds near 30 miles per hour, this is sure to be a highlight of your day.  An experience guaranteed to bring out the true adventurer in everyone.

The Gator Jumparoo Show: Thrills and chills abound as some of the largest alligators in the world actually jump four to five feet out of the water to retrieve food in this famous one-of-a-kind show.

Gatorland offers a unique alligator wrestling show done "Florida Cracker" style in a shaded 800 seat stadium. Gator wranglers catch a 6 to 8 foot alligator by hand and climb onto the snapping animal's back to point out survival features to the audience. After doing stunts that only a few are brave (or foolish) enough to try, the alligator is rolled over and put to sleep...only to be awakened by a tickle!

Besides the alligators and crocodiles, Gatorland offers many other exhibits such as:

Very Merry Aviary - Home to the colorful and friendly Lorikeets which are a breed of brightly colored parrots and a great place to get upclose to nature.

Allie's Barnyard - You'll find all sorts of critters, from chickens and ducks to deer, sheep, and goats, all playful and looking for a little attention.

Flamingo Lagoon - Home to a small colony of very colorful American Flamingos. You may also view several different species of wild birds such as White Ibis, Grackals, Anhinga, Heron, Egrets, and Black Vultures. Several species of turtles as well as fish also call the Flamingo Lagoon home.

Gatorland's Swamp Walk - a self guided tour through an unspoiled native Cypress Swamp. A raised wooden walkway snakes itself through the Cypress trees affording visitors a rare look back into what much of Central Florida looked like.

It's ready, set, splash with Gator Gully Splash Park. Featuring unusual water sources crafted to resemble some of the parks most popular residents. Gator Gully Splash Park was designed for those hot and humid afternoons in Florida when you just can't seem to cool off. Over a quarter- acre of soaking stations. Also incorporated in the attraction are additional animal exhibits, changing stations, dry shade pavilions and a retail outlet featuring a whole mess of new characters and critters known as the Gator Gully Gang.

Come spend a day with the alligators and their friends. Get your eTicket for Gatorland today!


Entrance & Gift Shop
Entrance & Gift Shop

Very Merry Aviary
Very Merry Aviary

Allie's Barnyard
Allie's Barnyard

Flamingo Lagoon
Flamingo Lagoon

Gatorland's Swamp Walk
Gatorland's Swamp Walk

Screaming' Gator Zip Line.
Screaming' Gator Zip Line.

Gator Gully Splash Park
Gator Gully Splash Park

Alligator Island
Alligator Island

Express Railroad
Express Railroad

Snakes of Florida
Snakes of Florida

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