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Trusted Tours & Attractions  eTickets make a great gift any time of year. Our Instant eTicket technology allows you to print Tickets at home and give them as gifts.  Or, send eTickets immediately to friends and family with our eMail Gift Ticket feature. Gift Tickets are good for 6 months from date of purchase.

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Send Gift Tickets by Email
To Print Out or eMail eTickets as a Gift:
Add a tour or attraction to your basket and proceed with the Checkout steps.
At checkout "Step 2. Enter Ticket User Name", enter the name of the individual that will be using the eTicket gift.

Proceed with the Checkout steps.

At the eTicket and Invoice Page, click on "PRINT eTICKET" for a printed eTicket that can be added to a gift card.  Or, choose "EMAIL eTICKET" if you wish for the eTicket to be delivered to your recipient immediately.  A custom greeting can be added to your Gift eTicket email.



Please contact customer support for additional assistance with Gift eTickets.

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