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New England Aquarium in Boston

New England Aquarium in Boston

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New England Aquarium in Boston

The four-story, 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank is the fascinating centerpiece of the New England Aquarium in Boston. This exhibit and three levels of surrounding galleries, interactive displays, touch tanks and discovery centers are a top attraction in Boston!

The New England Aquarium in Boston offers:

bullet A hands-on tidepool for touching and handling various sea creatures
bullet Curious George Discovery Corner - a place designed for young visitors
bullet An outdoor seal exhibit located on the Aquarium Plaza, that's a favorite of both tourists and local residents
bullet Thousands of sea creatures from hundreds of different species
bullet Special events and presentations throughout the year
bullet The new Penguin Power Exhibit

The aquarium showcases a wide range of aquatic life, including a menagerie of tropical fish, penguins, seals and its reigning matriarch, Myrtle, a 500-lb green sea turtle. The newly renovated Giant Ocean Tank occupies the central core of the aquarium. It has specially designed railings and theatrical lighting that enable guests to view creatures swimming at all levels of the 24-foot-tall tank. The enclosure is surrounded by three floors of exhibits and side galleries that provide insight and understanding into specimens from more than 600 different species of marine animals. Opened in 1969, the New England Aquarium welcomes more than 1.3 million visitors each year. A top attraction in Boston.

The New England Aquarium features a new exhibit. It is the East Coast's largest shark and stingray touch tank. Evoking the appearance of a mangrove forest and lagoon, the touch tank has viewing windows and a shallow bottom. Visitors can touch bonnethead and epaulette sharks as well as cownose and Atlantic rays as they swim by in the clear water. Experienced guides will teach you how to become a ray and shark whisperer. The exhibit demonstrates the important role that these animals play in maintaining a vigorous ocean ecosystem and the need to conserve their coastal habitat.

Two frolicsome California sea lion pups are the aquariums newest residents. They join a colony of delightful Northern fur seals in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. The outdoor exhibit has spectacular views of Boston Harbor. The center's programs help guests to make the connection between humans and marine mammals and understand the challenges that these aquatic animals face.

The Penguin Power Exhibit: Protecting the Blue Planet is a themed program designed to entertain the entire family. Pick up a Penguin Power Action Guide that enables a team of superhero penguins to lead you on an interactive path of discovery. You will witness the flightless feathered heroes accomplish heroic feats as you tour various exhibits throughout the aquarium. As you view each display, you will learn how to protect various penguin species throughout the world.

Other exhibits within the oceanarium include those that depict the life of birds and fish on and around an authentic Boston Harbor Island and the Gulf of Maine Exhibit. Visitors can see giant Atlantic sea cod, rare white and blue lobsters and giant sea star, monkfish and other animals that reside on sandy seafloors and the deep-sea boulder reefs. The Freshwater Gallery enables visitors to explore wildlife from around the globe, including the Amazon River Basin and New England ponds. The Yawkey Coral Reef Center is a seven-tank exhibit that provides an up-close look at the diverse and beautiful marine life that inhabits the environment around a Caribbean reef.

Visitors can also view a variety of informative and entertaining live animal presentations throughout the day. You can watch playful fur seals interact with their trainers, penguin feedings and turtles eating out of a diver's hand. The shows enable guests to have a closer, more personal interaction with their favorite aquatic animal.

The Curious George Discovery Center is a child-friendly gallery filled with vibrant colors, activities and presentations that help children get an up-close look at the Giant Ocean Tank. The Thinking Gallery is a series of exhibits designed to engage and entertain while raising awareness of environmental issues affecting the world's oceans and marine ecosystems.

Get your eTicket today to experience the magical undersea world on display at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

The Spectacular Seadragon in Camoflage
The Spectacular Seadragon in Camouflage

The Giant Ocean Tank encircled by 3 levels of fun!
The Giant Ocean Tank encircled by 3 levels of fun!

Rockhoppers in the Penguin Exhibit
Rockhoppers in the Penguin Exhibit

Just a few of the Amazing Jellies
Just a few of the Amazing Jellies

New England Aquarium from Boston Harbor
New England Aquarium and Marine Mammal Center

Cownose Ray
Cownose Ray

Marine Mammal Center
Marine Mammal Center

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