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USS Midway and the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

USS Midway and the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

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San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum - USS Midway

Spanning from the culmination of World War II through Operation Desert Storm, the USS Midway had an illustrious career. No other aircraft carrier can match her service record. Experience the fascinating legacy of this floating museum!


bullet Audio tour with every admission
bullet Virtual reality flight simulations
bullet Midway features more than 35 exhibits that bring the magic of naval aviation to life.

Berthed at the Navy Pier in downtown San Diego, the USS Midway was named in honor of the pivotal World War II battle. She entered service a week after the war ended. The aircraft carrier would serve her country through war and peace and during other historic and humanitarian events. The ship was renowned for her ability to stay on station when other ships broke down and returned to port for repairs. She served as the launch pad for a captured German V2 rocket and in a humanitarian relief role after the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines.

As a museum ship, the Midway provides an exciting opportunity for visitors to explore life aboard an aircraft carrier. You can tour this legendary vessel from her boilers to her bridge. A general admission ticket provides access to a self-guided audio tour that includes 60 separate exhibits located throughout the ship and more than two dozen restored aircraft. You will view several decks as you learn about life aboard an aircraft carrier and why these vessels are called floating cities.

The tour includes the berthing areas for officers and sailors, the galley where over 13,000 meals were served each day, the sick bay and pilot ready rooms as well as the hangar bay and flight deck. You will learn how the crew produced water, powered the carrier and maintained the aircraft. Climb the ladders to the bridge and look down on the more than 1,000-foot-long flight deck. Visit primary flight control, the location where the air boss oversaw flight operations, and view the Fresnel lens, the part of the landing system that enabled pilots to "call the ball." You can experience life as an aviator in the high-tech simulators and view music videos and short films.

The USS Midway and the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum is the centerpiece of the city's majestic waterfront. The vessel has served as the setting for a NCAA basketball game and several episodes of popular television shows. With plenty of parking and just a short walk from public transportation, the Midway Museum has welcomed more than one million visitors since it opened in 2004. Obtain an eTicket to tour this thrilling, interactive museum, which pays tribute to the men and women who have called her home for 47 years.

USS Midway 1951
USS Midway 1951

USS Midway 1991
USS Midway 1991

Aircraft on Display
Aircraft on Display

San Diego and Midway at Night
San Diego & Midway at Night

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On the Job


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