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White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride

White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride

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White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride

Why take the same old tours and shore excursions when you can have a thrilling "White Knuckle" jet boat experience!

Tour Highlights Include:

bullet Ride on a thrilling jet boat - White Knuckle is one of two jet boats of it's kind in the US
bullet Heart-stopping maneuvers on the water - a high performance vessel specially designed for maneuvers. It can travel full speed in only 4" of water.
bullet Fishtails, twists & turns and unforgettable 360 degree spins!!
bullet Water views of Key West and of fantastic marine life.
bullet Complimentary drinks after the ride

A Thrill Ride...
A new wave of thrilling fun and excitement has swept into Key West! The "White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride" is the newest and most unforgettable water sports attraction for you and your family to enjoy in Key West and the Florida Keys.

White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride was born out of the desire to bring theme park thrill rides to the warm tropical waters of Key West.

The driver cruises at full speed. Screams of excitement will erupt as he signals everyone to hold on tight, and with an enormous "WHOOSH" the boat does a 360 degree spin! Now the fun really begins! Hold on tight as the driver skims along the sparkling, turquoise waters. This is the time that the photographer will snap a picture in order to capture everyone's screams of joy and facial expressions as you have your first White Knuckle experience!

You will twist and turn as you wind your way past the sandy beaches, luxury hotels and resorts. The speed, the wind and waves give everyone aboard a wonderful adrenaline rush. The driver undertakes sensational, heart-stopping maneuvers only possible in a jet boat.

The boat will slip and slide, fishtail and spin out along the coast as you enjoy the incredible beauty of the Florida Keys. You will take time to pause for a moment as the laughter and cheers calm and everyone catches their breath. You will hear some fun facts and history that only belong to Key West and the beautiful island paradise.

You will eventually return to the dock, at which point you ask... "Can we do it again"?

Get your eTicket today! Enjoy a thrilling 'White Knuckle" experience today and prepare for the thrill ride of a lifetime!

Shuttle is available to pick you up at your resort.



360- degree spin
360- degree spin

Twist and Turn Across the Water
Twist and Turn Across the Water

It's a Thrilling Jet Boat Ride
A Thrilling Jet Boat Ride

Heart-Stopping Maneuvers
Heart-Stopping Maneuvers

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