Bodies - the Exhbition

Bodies - The Exhibition

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Bodies – The Exhibition cost far less than a day of medical school and provide great insight into the human body that is virtually unimaginable, especially for those not entering into such a field. Bodies – The Exhibition has on display perfectly preserved bodies with various forms, positions, and health factors. Some bodies are composed of only muscles, while others are only nerves. Some are sole organs, others are entire chest cavities. All of them came from an actual human specimen.

The bodies at Bodies – The Exhibition are perfectly preserved by a method called plastination. They are prevented from decaying by utilizing a rubberization process developed by Gunther von Hagens, an anatomist is the 1970s. The water and fat of each specimen is replaced by acetone and plastics. What you will see is eternalized body parts you have always been aware of but have probably never seen. Along with seeing the unique product of this process, Bodies – The Exhibition will teach the process step by step and its purpose in scientific and medical advancement.

With Bodies – The Exhibition, guests will not only see what makes up the body; they will see precisely how the body works and how to take care of it. Essentially, Bodies – The Exhibition gives people tangible evidence of what their doctors may have been telling them for years. Medical conditions such as obesity, cancer, and emphysema are faced head on. Bodies – The Exhibition does not sugar coat anything.

The main point of such a display is to educate the public in the most real way possible. That is why Bodies – The Exhibition does not give entrance to a show of constructed models. Artificial representations show the body through the eyes of an artist. If the actual parts are shown, it almost proves to the viewers that they exist, and that damage can be done. It is an indescribable feeling to know that the exhibit you are witnessing used to be live person, a person made up exactly like you.

Bodies – The Exhibition is not simply to scare visitors into changing their lifestyle habits. Many of the bodies on display do not depict disease or decrepitating conditions. Instead, the bodies are plastinized in active positions to show people what is actually going on inside their own bodies. For example, there are several specimens in the complex act of running. Each shows a different stage: feet solid on the ground waiting to begin, legs fully extended midstride, and bent in exhaustion after a race well done. This Bodies – The Exhibition display shows exactly how much work is going on underneath the surface that people never even consider, and would never be able to see,

It is this lack of consideration that the creators of Bodies – The Exhibition are trying to pound home. The perceived simplicity of the body, its strength, and its dependability are taken for granted because people do not understand it. Bodies – The Exhibition proves that the body is vastly complex and ornate, fragile, and survive on a person’s choices.

Much controversy surrounds the process of plastination. Even more surrounds displaying them for the public. While it is recommended that children be accompanied by an adult, this rare experience should not be denied. Children tend to learn more when the teaching mechanism is animated and physical. Bodies – The Exhibition does just that, and goes far beyond the scope of a textbook. Parents can use this opportunity to discuss with their children the dangers of smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy habits.

Teachers can receive specified guides that outline the level of exposure and important points to make based on age, and can choose from elementary to post-graduate guides. Similar options are available for individuals or families.

Buying Bodies – The Exhibition may start out as an educational and entertaining opportunity to get out of the house, but it is a once in a lifetime experience that will forever change the way you look at your own body.

The Human Body on Display at Bodies - The Exhibition


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