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Gatorland, an attraction for any size family.

Gatorland is one of the oldest attractions in the Orlando area. Founded in 1949, Gatorland has grown from a simple road side stand to a 110 acre park.

What will you experience when you go to Gatorland? You will find many wonderful things that you can only experience in Florida, and at Gatorland. Situated in a swampy area, this attraction will allow you to experience Florida the way it was before it became a major tourist destination. The park itself is located at the head of the Everglades. Within the park you will find alligators, crocodiles and native Floridian birds. Nature trails through the swamp areas will lead you past a bird and alligator habitat.

Gatorland offers many shows throughout the park. Experience gator wrestling, gator jump-a-roo and many other educational and entertaining shows. Gatorland also has a breeding area where alligators are raised for food. In Florida, alligator tail meat is a delicacy that is enjoyed by many.

The bird rookery is a protected area and is home and breeding ground to many Florida birds. Birds, such as the Snowy Egret, come here each year to raise their families before migrating to other areas.

Gator Gully Splash Park is a fun zone is a great place for children to cool off from the Florida heat and enjoy getting wet at the same time. There are many children centered activities at Gatorland. A train can take you on a tour of the park and through the swamps. There is a petting area within the park as well as an aviary where you can feed the Lorikeets.

The park is open daily. Often referred to as Orlando’s “half day” attraction, do not be deceived you will spend the entire day at the park enjoying everything it offers.

Gatorland is now home to the rare species of white alligator. One of its newest exhibits, the white alligator only came to Gatorland this past year. You will have access to this rare and wonderful sight.

Make sure while you are there you try the gator nuggets or BBQ gator ribs. While this may seem bizarre to many people not from this area, gator meat is quite delicious and enjoyed by many in Florida. Don’t fret, hamburgers, hot dogs and other quick foods are also served here for those who do not want to eat gator.

For an additional premium, guest of the parks can get up close and personal with the alligators in a variety of different events. These adventure tours include simple events as learning how to alligator wrestle to walking through the alligator breeding grounds in a behind the scenes fashion.

When you leave the park for the day you will exit through the Gatorland gift shop. This shop, unique as the park, contains many souvenirs that you could only find at this park. Alligator skin purses, stuffed gators – real and plush – and even a homemade fudge counter are located in the gift shop.

Gatorland is well loved by locals and tourists alike. Many Florida residents hold annual passes to the park. It is a nature friendly and family friendly park. Fascinating facts and entertaining shows makes the experience one that you will never forget. Experience Florida in a natural way.

Gatorland's Alligator Island

Flamingo Lagoon at the Bird Rookery - a breeding ground for many Florida birds




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