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Miami Seaquarium

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Located in South Florida, the Miami Seaquarium is the regions leading tourist attraction. Miami Seaquarium allows visitors from around the world to view the dolphins, killer whales and even sea lions are the star residents. It also acts as a safe haven for endangered sea turtles who will be released after rehabilitation and manatees. Children of all ages enjoy the rare opportunity to view these great mammals and experience the thrills of watching them interact with their trainers. Miami Seaquarium offers visitors great value for money on their day out at the marine-life entertainment park.


The Miami Seaquarium incredible shows and exhibits make visiting the marine-life entertainment park so exciting. Shows starring Lolita the killer whale and her Pacific white-sided dolphin companions are held in the Whale & Dolphin Stadium. Original "orca-stral" rock music and new antics are the latest additions to the popular show. Taking place at the Flipper Lagoon and film location for the 1960s television show 'Flipper,' is the Flipper Dolphin Show. Dolphines performing daring jumps, spins, tailwals and flips made this a favorite show for both children and adults. The audience are treated to a series of audience participation segments that make even more fun for everyone.

In the Golden Dome, Salty the Sea Lion show off funny antics, athletic and comedic talents in the Sea Lions Show. Miami Seaquarium allows you to see the amazing acrobatics of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins Top Deck Dolphin Show. Many guests opt to brave the "splash zone" for a closer look at these amazing mammals and can view from above or below the water surface.


Enjoy exhibits like Discovery Bay which features a twenty-six Nile Crocodiles mangrove habitat, white tailed deer, indigenous fish, rays, and alligators. With a host of native birds, including herons, egrets and ibis and endangered sea turtles, the Discovery Bay is another fantastic adventure at the Miami Seaquarium. Opened in 1995, Miami Seaquarium featured the popular Thithe Shark Channel for the first time. This presentation sees the 200-pound nurse sharks fed by animal care specialists who tell the audience about the different types of sharks that exist around the world.

Teeming with reef fish of every size, color and description, the Main Reef Aquarium is a 750,000-gallon tank that features a diver in the tank feeding tropical fish, large groupers, cobia, loggerhead turtles, moray eels and a wonderful environmental narration. Miami Seaquarium is great for the 19 "jewel" tank Top Deck Dolphin Stadium featuring tropical fish, corals, anemones and other marine-life.

The Manatee Exhibit features Florida's state marine mammal with poolside and underwater viewing areas. Miami Seaquarium is even great for exhibits such as, the California Sea Lion Exhibit has daily feeding sessions that allow guests hands-on experience with these boisterous mammals.

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