New Orleans Ghost Tour

New Orleans Ghost Tour

New Orleans Ghost Tour Tickets
Any visit to New Orleans is not completely without taking a New Orleans Ghost Tour. While most people think of Mardi Gras and fresh seafood when thinking of this jazzy city, it contains a haunted history filled with spirits, vampires, and magic. As shocking as it may seem to visitors, these ideas are intertwined with life in the French Quarter.

The stories are told as fact, not scary tales, and many people still practice voodoo and witch craft. Do such people flock here because of New Orleans’s history or are these people igniting the flames to fuel paranormal activity? Whatever the answer, it is certain New Orleans is one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

The New Orleans Ghost Tour is given by a master storyteller who gets his passengers’ hearts racing and imaginations running wild. However, the New Orleans Ghost Tour does not give access to fictional stories, the guide is a trained historian who provides the haunting, and sometimes gruesome and twisted, stories with 100% accuracy. In addition to being historians, the guides are also performers. The true tales of horror are depicted in the most entertaining manner.

New Orleans Ghost Tours are available every single day of the year with the exception of Mardi Gras. Tours are given twice a day at 6pm and 8pm, conveniently at the time when the sun begins to drop. This theatrical walking tour visits locations that have been reported to have frequent ghostly apparitions and other paranormal and supernatural activity.

Each tour takes about 2 hours to walk and covers less than a mile. New Orleans Ghost Tour does not condemn their guests to heavy cardio; the guide takes a leisurely pace to ensure all the information can be fully absorbed, observed, and enjoyed. The tour is also completely wheelchair and stroller accessible, and it continues through anything the weather throws at it. However, while strollers are capable of traveling the New Orleans Ghost Tour, parents should be cautioned about the potential nightmares small children might experience after.

You adventure begins at Zombie’s Voodoo Shop between historical Bourbon and Royal Streets. Along the way, passengers on the New Orleans Ghost Tour will pass by numerous locations of reported hauntings.

One of the most famous, and relatively innocent, hauntings located within the French Quarter resides in a small, corner café. Apparently, it has been the home of a ghost cat for the past 150 years. The reason for its continuance of wandering the halls and peering out the window is unknown, as is the owner and the history of the cat. Instead of the startling effect most ghosts have on witnesses, this cat is greeted with affection and a smile. There is no guarantee this lovable pet will make an appearance, there is a good chance someone there will be able to describe it in vivid detail from their own face to face experience.

New Orleans Ghost Tour ends in a bar that is right next to the beginning location in a haunted bar. The visitors enter and can sip on a cold one as they hear their last chilling tale of the evening. After realizing what you have just put yourself through on the New Orleans Ghost Tour, you may just need to relax before venturing alone through the French Quarter back to your hotel.

It is not a guarantee that guests on the tour will personally witness a ghost, but going on the New Orleans Ghost Tour will increase your chances and increase your awareness of the history and mysticism within the city. Not taking a New Orleans Ghost Tour while visiting the French Quarter would be equivalent to visiting Paris without seeing the Eifel Tower, or New York without Times Square. While planning your trip, put a New Orleans Ghost Tour at the very top of your to do list.

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