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West Chester, PA is home to the renowned QVC Studio Park. It opened its doors in the fall of 1997 to the public for QVC Studio tours, and has attracted thousands of visitors who want to get a glimpse of live television and the behind the scenes action that is generally a mystery. QVC Studio tours provide a guided walking tour that everyone will enjoy, both QVC shoppers and those who have never even heard of the program.

The QVC Studio tour give a backstage pass into the world of multimedia retailing. This modern broadcasting facility allows guests to witness the entire process: how the products are sourced, tested, interacted with live on the air, and delivered to the shoppers on the other end. Because of this in depth and accurate depiction of the company processes, QVC Studio tours are often teaching mechanisms for college students in business, marketing, or media programs.

Of course, the QVC Studio tour is an amazing experience for a regular shopper and a must hit attraction in PA. Visiting the 58,000 square foot studio is equivalent to making it backstage to meet your favorite rock star, and being greeted warmly. A spectacular view from the QVC Studio Observation Deck allows guests of the tour to watch live programs, and even the possibility to meet their favorite host.

For an additional fee, QVC Studio tours can be upgraded to an all access pass that includes a much more in depth tour and entrance into areas that are usually restricted to the public. As with the basic QVC Studio tour, guests will be able to watch the on stage performance live, but have the added benefit of meeting the host and whatever special guest is on the show that day in person. But plan early if you want to get into a certain event!

After going through the ins and outs of the QVC Studio Park, the tour ends at the QVC Gift Shop. Here you will find mementos of the trip to both the Studio and PA in general in addition to many of the lovely products they feature on the show.

QVC Studio tours are fun for the whole family. Shoppers will feel as though they are coming face to face to rock star idols, while future business and media entrepreneurs will experience firsthand what they can only dream about secondhand as they sit in a classroom. Even small children will look around in wonder as they peer into the most advance forms of technology.

The guides performing the QVC Studio tours do much more than read off an index card or monotonously spout facts. The guide is entertaining, animated, knowledgeable, and extremely interactive. QVC Studio tours allow the guests to get hands on, ask questions, and make friends along the way.

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