San Diego Whale Watching Cruise

San Diego Whale Watching Cruise

San Diego Whale Watching Cruise Tickets
Summer may not be the ideal time for San Diego whale watching, but the winter months can truly be amazing.

One of the whales you will see during a San Diego whale watching tour will be the Gray whale. Gray whales are particularly enjoyable to spot on a San Diego whale watching tour as they are amazing in the dramatic presentation when they launch themselves from the water. Gray whales migrate to San Diego during the summer months but spend their winters in the Bering and Chukchi Seas. In the winter, they like to find breeding places in the lagoons along the coast of Mexico. These whales have the longest migration route of any mamma, often traveling over twelve thousand miles on both legs of their migration.

Gray whales are just one of the many amazing and beautiful species you will see on your adventure. These trips are very popular during the winter months

There are many types of whales that you will see on this tour but the ones that you will particularly enjoy on your San Diego whale watching adventure are those who have the outgoing personalities. These creatures will amaze you with the way that they move gracefully and dramatically in and out of the water. The size of a Gray Whale can range between 30 to 50 feet. Some of them weigh up to 35 tons. Gray whales truly are a site to see in the winter months when the grace the San Diego harbor and outlaying ocean with their presence.

San Diego is often a wonderful destination during the holiday months for family reunions. Nothing brings a family together more than some of the unforgettable moments experienced on a San Diego whale watching tour which is why San Diego whale watching should be at the top of your holiday list this year.

One of the things that some of the visitors to San Diego particularly enjoy are some of the other sites that are also visible from your whale watching tour. There are some amazing military sites including many of the naval fleet ships that are often docked in the harbor of San Diego. The San Diego sunset can also be magnificent this time of year. Just pulling out on the San Diego whale watching tour provides a reflective look back as San Diego fades into the back drop on your way out of the harbor. It is a breathtaking view when the sun is shining sharply on this gorgeous city.

It would not just the whales you will experience. There are also some other wonderful marine life that will visit you and you will see on your journey. San Diego is famous for its sea lions, who are wonderfully friendly and laid back creatures who frequent many venues and inlets in the San Diego harbor. Do not be surprised to get a chance to see all three kinds of dolphins that inhabit the San Diego harbor and outlying area. And of course we cannot forget our friends in the sky – the amazing blue heron – a frequent visitor on the San Diego whale watching tour.

San Diego Whale Watching Cruise Tour ~ See the California Gray Whale



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