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Wet 'n Wild

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Wet 'n Wild is a great summer vacation destination for children and adults of all ages. There are rides, pools, activities, food, wet fun, and more all in one safe family friendly place. Wet 'n Wild opens as early as 9:30 am in the summer and stays open as late as 9:00 pm, as long as the weather is nice.

Wet 'n Wild has a wide array of fun activities that are included in your visit. Brain Wash is a ride with tubes that hold two or four people. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall as Brain Wash in an extreme ride that drops you six stories down a 53 foot vertical drop into a 65 foot domed tunnel. Older children, teens, and adult extremists really get a kick out of Brain Wash! If your kids are older you can all ride together, but don’t be surprised if you scream more than the kids do.

Der Stuck is Wet 'n Wild’s six story super slide. Der Stuck sends you down a slide that is almost vertical, measuring 250 feet, with a 115 foot water runway. Those that are no so brave will get chills just looking at Der Stuck!

Mach 5 is a set of three slides for those that like to have some slipping and sliding fun. These slides are less extreme and take you head first on an adventure. You lay on your stomach on the foam pad, and slide all the way down. There are slopes and turns that will have you laughing all the way down. Each slide has its own course to follow, and each course is different. Give one course a try or go on all three!

Adventurous riders 48 inches or taller will get blown away by The Storm. Experience what it would be like to be stuck in a tornado as you spin and drop down an elevated shoot into a gigantic bowl below.

Probably the scariest ride at Wet 'n Wild is The Bomb Bay. It’s a giant 76 foot high slide that drops you out of a trap door! You sit there waiting and wondering when the door will open and you will plummet down the almost vertical slide. Due to the extremeness of this ride, you must be at least 48 inches tall.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Wet 'n Wild is just for the brave. There are gentle rides, family friendly multi-person rides, as well as rides just for little kids. Included in your visit is admission for kids under 48 inches to the Kids Park. There are mini versions of other Wet 'n Wild rides, as well as a giant bucket that fills with water and dumps over when guests least expect it. Even toddlers will enjoy climbing in and out of the water castle. Parents can sit back and enjoy watching their children play, as lifeguards are always on duty.

Gentle activities include the Lazy River, the Wave Pool, and Wet 'n Wild Volleyball. Float in a tube for hours down the Lazy River, enjoy real ocean like waves in the Wave Pool, or show off your sport skills with a game of volleyball.

Food is everywhere in Wet 'n Wild. Kids will love the pizza, tacos, hamburgers, ice cream, funnel cake, and more. Adults with ID can even enjoy a beer, daiquiri, margarita, or mixed drink.

You must wear proper swim attire for the safety of all Wet 'n Wild guests. If you forgot your swimsuit, sunglasses, or sunscreen you can purchase these items and many more from the Beach Shop.

Wet 'n Wild is a great family vacation destination. If you go be prepared to get wet, scream on the rides, and make great family memories.

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