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Bodies Human

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ChildAge: 4-12 years. Children under 4 are free.
Senior/MilitarySenior-60+ and Military
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Bodies Human An eye-opening and educational exhibition comprised of actual human bodies and organs.


  • The exhibit literally, as well as figuratively, goes “under the skin,” exposing the intricacy of the human body and allowing the general public a look at what only doctors and scientists normally are allowed to see first hand. The exhibit will showcase specimens preserved through a polymer impregnation process that replaces fluids with polymers that prevent decay and decomposition.
An eye-opening and educational exhibition comprised of actual human bodies and organs. Bodies Human exposes the inner workings of human anatomy by presenting actual human specimens, anatomical displays, reproductions of historic anatomical artwork and much more.

By presenting an artful, compelling and dignified environment, guests will connect with the human artifacts on a personal level that will help them to better understand their own bodies. The exhibit includes approximately 6 whole body specimens and 49 display cases containing organs and specimens.

This unique exhibit is a display of over 100 authentic human specimens, including whole bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices preserved through a special process called plastination. It provides viewers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look inside the human body, and to see and understand our own anatomy and physiology. The goal of BODIES HUMAN is that visitors leave with a deeper understanding of the body’s form and function and a stronger appreciation for staying fit and healthy.

Seen by over 4 million people worldwide, the two versions of the exhibit tour thru city museums and within high traffic attraction markets!
Bodies Human - An eye-opening and educational exhibition Bodies Human - An eye-opening and educational exhibition
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Bodies Human

Operating Times:

Open Daily: Sunday – Thursday: 10:00am - 7:00pm; Friday & Saturday: 10:00am - 9:00pm.

Reservation Notes:

Reservations are NOT needed or accepted. Tickets can be used on any operating day within 12 months of the purchase date.


1 hour

Booth Location:

162 San Marco Avenue - across from the Old Town Jail entrance.


162 San Marco Avenue (onsite)

Age Requirements:

Under 4 is free. Recommended for ages 8 and over.

Bodies Human Booth Location
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