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New Orleans Vampire Tour

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ChildChild Age: 6-12 yrs. Under 6 are free.

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New Orleans Vampire Tour New Orleans Vampire Tour! This famous New Orleans Vampire Tour allows you to enter the dark and mysterious world of the undead. Walk through history and experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional. Then, ask yourself if you believe.


  • Visit sights and locations associated with these creatures of the night
  • Visit a noted Vampire tavern full of historical tales.
  • Find out for yourself if there are vampires lurking in St. Germaine.
  • Experience the dark realm of this New Orleans culture.
  • Theatrical Guides keep you spell bound with tales of The Casket Girls.
  • Eerie, chilling, fun-filled walking tour of the French Quarter.
  • New vampire movie filmed in Louisiana - Secrets of the Sisterhood!
Legend has it that in the 1800s, in an attempt to help populate the then somewhat seedy French Quarter with more educated, well bred denizens, French families were enticed to send their daughters here to marry. These families were much misled to believe handsome deserving gentlemen were waiting here for them. The nuns of the Ursuline convent intercepted the girls at their arrival and put them up at the convent. The girls had arrived with their trousseau which were shaped unusually very much like traditional coffins. So mockingly, the girls acquired the name of casket girls. Their trousseau were placed in the third floor attic of the convent, and were not retrieved until a proper suitor was found for each girl. When the trousseau were retrieved they were mysteriously found empty. Superstitious individuals of the time claimed that the girls had smuggled vampires here to the French Quarter.

Well, that's the legend but if this is just a legend, then why does the convent to this day seal each upstairs window with 8000 blessed screws? And every so often one of the windows will shoot open for no apparent reason, and immediately the convent once again seals it shut.

On St. Germaine, down rue Royal, at Ursuline, there sits the former home of Jacques St. Germaine. St. Germaine, moved to New Orleans from France in 1903 and only occupied the home for a short time. It is said that during his time here he attacked and bit a young woman in his home, after luring her there for a glass of wine. She was able to escape however, and make it to the local authorities. St. Germaine mysteriously disappeared. However, the authorities upon entering his lair, found a collection of wine bottles, which they later found to be filled with a combination of wine and human blood. Some say St. Germaine is still alive today, and visits the French Quarter occasionally.

Hunt Vampires with New Orleans' oldest, largest and most renowned walking tour. Established in 1994, this touring company was the first to produce ground-breaking research, explore paranormal phenomena and reveal unprecedented material on the mysterious and sometimes sinister aspects of New Orleans.

New Orleans Vampire Tour! Our famous New Orleans Vampire Tour allows you to enter the dark and mysterious world of the undead. Walk through New Orleans' history and experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional. Visit sights and locations associated with these creatures of the night, including a visit to a noted Vampire tavern. Are there vampires lurking in the French Quarter? Follow our experienced guides into the dark realm and find out! Escape into the night as our offbeat, theatrical New Orleans tour guides provide you with an eerie, chilling yet fun-filled adventure!
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New Orleans Vampire Tour

Operating Times:

Every Night at 8:30 PM. Closed Mardi Gras Day.

Reservation Notes:

Reservations are required. E-Ticket will contain complete details regarding this tour.


1.5 hours

Booth Location:

The Vampire Tour meets in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, at the gates of Jackson Square.

Nearest Intersection:

Chartres Street (between St. Peter and St. Ann Streets).

Age Requirements:

Child Ticket: 6-12 yrs. Children under 6 are free.


RESERVATIONS REQUIRED This is a walking tour - remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Guarantee Note: Due to the limited reserved seating and factors beyond the control of the operator, this product does not fall under the Trusted Tours and Attractions Guarantee program.

New Orleans Vampire Tour Booth Location
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