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Plymouth MA. is a fabulous travel destination. There are so many fresh things to see and do in this historic town. The town boasts on of the longest histories in the U.S.

Why not start at the beginning with a visit to Plymouth Rock? The rock is in the Pilgrim Memorial State Park. It was moved several times but has resided in its current location since 1867. The park features stunning landscaping and includes a lovely portico erected over the rock. Enjoy lovely views of Plymouth Harbor and a replica of the Mayflower. It is easy to understand why the Pilgrims fell in love with this new land.

Plymouth tourism is expansive, and there are numerous tours offered that highlight different portions of the city. The colonial Lantern tour is an excellent choice. Each tour attendee gets a pierced tin lantern to light their way through the 1 1/2 hour walking tour of the first Massachusetts settlement. Lively guides provide historical context and captivating tales to go along with the sights. The interactions between the guide and other guests will create a superb experience.

Another appealing tour option is the Captain John Boats Harbor Tours. Enjoy a cruise on the Pilgrim Belle paddle boat. There are numerous cruise choices including whale watching, sunset options, and seasonal visits to Provincetown. There is even a lobster tales cruise that allows participants to work real lobster traps. For visitors with children, the pirate cruise is a fantastic option. Kids will remember the cruise complete with face paint and mock battles.

The Presidential tour brings the Adams family history to the forefront. The tour highlights the lives of John Adams and John Quincy Adams. The home is open for tours, as are the outbuildings. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the gardens, grounds and home that supported the Adams dynasty. It is an inspiring tour that teaches guest little known facts about this famous family.

Pilmoth Plantation is a live recreation of a 1600s English Village. Guests enter through the fort walls designed to protect those living within. Actors wear period costumes, and they speak and interact with visitors in the manner and speech patterns of English villagers. Observe craftsmen performing typical activities such as farming, cooking and tending livestock. The experience is fun for adults and kids.

The first Parish Church in Plymouth is another tour opportunity. It is the oldest ministry in the New England area. Guided tours are available. The church was founded on the idea of religious freedom in 1606. The original founders were aboard the Mayflower. They sought to escape religious persecution in their native England. The 1899 granite building is filled with fascinating stained glass windows telling the Pilgrim's story.

Visitors are going to be so thrilled with all Plymouth has to offer that they are going to be back again and again. To enjoy the area to its fullest include several guided tours in the itinerary. These tours can show and teach guests about the rich history of the town.

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Plimoth Plantation
Price: $38.00
At Plimoth Plantation, you will experience life as it was like in 1627 New England as well as what we think it means now from a 21st-century perspective. Visit exhibits including the 1627 English Village, Mayflower II and more.
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