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Santa Barbara Hospital Museum

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ChildChild age: 5-12 years. Under 5 are free.
Sen/Mil/ResidentsSen 55+ /Mil with ID/St John's Residents
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Currently open Friday and Saturday Only!
Santa Barbara Hospital Museum Step back in time to see the Santa Barbara Hospital Museum. Experience how medical practices, procedures, and treatments were carried out during the first Spanish Period in St. Augustine (1565-1763). This engaging and entertaining presentation uses demonstration and exhibitions to show just how doctors cared for soldiers and citizens alike!


  • See the Operating Room with its table and Operating Chair
  • Visit the Recovery Room with LIVE LEECHES!
  • Stop by the Apothecary, learn of the herbs, plants and other medicines used
  • Have your picture taken in the Operating Chair
The Santa Barbara Hospital Museum is dedicated to educating guests in the history of medical treatment which existed in the first Spanish Period of St. Augustine's colonial history (1565-1763). Originally established in 1600 by Governor Gonzalo Mendez de Canzo as a six-bed soldier's hospital, the Santa Barbara Hospital also tended to the needs of the citizens of St. Augustine dealing with injuries and ailments that afflicted the Spanish outpost.

Inside the museum guests will see how 17th century surgeons performed operations without the benefit of anesthetics, antibiotics or knowledge of germs. Surgeons dealt with all internal issues, including dentistry. Guests will visit the recovery room, complete with the hospital beds of the day. Here Physicians, external doctors, treated recovering patients with a variety of treatments including live leeches. Guests meet our leeches up close and somewhat personal.

After Recovery, guests head over to the Apothecary. The pharmacists of the day, the Apothecary used plants, herbs and other natural remedies to help the healing process or treat various ailments. Their knowledge of natural remedies and the use of local supplies of plants helped heal the sick and keep the citizens healthy. Many of these remedies are still used today.

Visiting the Santa Barbara Hospital is fun, entertaining, surprising and sometimes shocking! But most of all it will make guests appreciate the advances in medicine and medical treatments we enjoy today.
Santa Barbara Hospital Museum Santa Barbara Hospital Museum
See the Operating Room See the Operating Room
Visit the Recovery Room Visit the Recovery Room
Stop by our Apothecary Stop by our Apothecary
Continuing Care with Live Leeches Continuing Care with Live Leeches
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Santa Barbara Hospital Museum

Operating Times:

Currently open Friday and Saturday only: 11:00am- 4:00pm. Guided tours every hour. The Hospital is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

Reservation Notes:

Reservations are NOT needed or accepted. Tickets can be used on any operating day within 6 months of the purchase date.


1 hour

Booth Location:

Ticket booth is located at 32A St. George Street. // The Santa Barbara Hospital is located at 21 Spanish Street. It sits in the St. George Street Village which lies between 21 Spanish Street and 32 St. George Street.


The Santa Barbara Hospital has no parking of its own. Guests are recommended to park at the city parking garage, located a 1 Cordova Street in St. Augustine.

Age Requirements:

Children ages 5-12, , Seniors 55+ and Military with ID./St John's Residents.

Santa Barbara Hospital Museum Booth Location
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