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Sedona is a vibrant and thriving community in Arizona, set among the beautiful Red Rock Hills. The city is known for it's rich arts community and incredible scenery. The big draw to the area are the amazing natural scenic spots, including Broken Arrow, Cathedral Rock, and Coyote Canyons. It is a place to be amazed by nature, and escape the busy urban lifestyle.

One of the biggest attractions in Sedona is the Broken Arrow point and trail, which can be hiked or taken as a Jeep 4x4 tour for a thrilling experience. Red rocks and winding trails head up and down in a winding fashion, creating breathtaking views that you certainly can not experience anywhere else on earth. The location is one revered by local Native Americans, and for good reason.

Another natural landmark in Sedona is Cathedral Rock and the surrounding trails. Like the name implies, these giant rock formations really do resemble cathedrals, and are every bit as beautiful as the stained glass window Cathedrals of ancient Europe. Cathedral Rock is one of the New Age vortices, said to have special magnetic properties. Take the hike for yourself to discover it.

Coyote Canyons is another amazing destination within the city of Sedona. No other location provides a better way to understand the natural geology of the area. The rock formations rise on either side of you and create an incredible feeling as you stand between them. These red rock formations are especially brilliant as the sun sets, and is another noted Native American spot of lore and legend.

Heading back in the town of Sedona, there is no shortage of things to do. The downtown area boast over 100 art galleries, containing a blend of Modern Art, scenic landscapes of the surrounding areas, and Native American art. There are several important art events that take place each year as well, including the Sedona Arts Festival, the Sedona Jazz Festival and the Sedona International Film Festival. Craft villages and unique shops sells one of a kind items, many handmade with unbelievable craftsmanship. The dining options are plentiful, from upscale vegan restaurants to casual pizza diners. Whatever your tastes or needs, Sedona makes an unbeatable tourist destination for anyone.

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